About Us

The Melanin Team is a clothing brand from London Established in 2018, our aim is to be a brand that represents us, by us, for us; the melanated people of the world.

The Idea for The Melanin Team came about when our founders’ daughter was due to appear on a one off special of the hit channel 4 show ‘The Secret life of 5-year olds’, Wunmi (Our Founder) realised that as Adunni (Her Daughter) would potentially be the only black child on the show she needed to represent for all little girls that looked like her everywhere. Wunmi decided to put a phrase that was commonly used amongst the family, ‘The Melanin Team’ on a Jumper alongside an image that was a visual representation of Adunni for her to wear on the show.

And so, The Melanin Team was born.